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Most people live busy lives, so EX$EL Finance helps you make the most of every visit. Through your personalized EX$EL Finance account, you'll build a portfolio of achievements that encourage smart financial decision-making.

  • Get objective feedback on your financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, assess your risk of identity theft, learn about your financial personality, plus more.
  • Complete online courses on over a dozen topics.
  • Get new bite-sized financial education topics weekly This Week @ EX$EL Finance.
  • Create a monthly spending plan and compare it with your actual spending.
  • Measure your financial health over time with our financial check-up assessment.
  • Set financial goals and track your progress with our interactive checklist and goal-setting tools.
  • Create a financial notebook linked to topics that are most relevant to you (or that you have questions about).
  • Calculate the cost of financing a car, borrowing for higher education, buying a home, or paying off credit card debt.

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